Jan Linton DeBord I just can't imagine this. President Trump has done such a great job and kept his promises. Gabe Henderson Death - Dead :  Gabe Henderson Obituary, Deep Run Student Killed in Lake Anna Boating Accident has handled the Covid 19 crisis as well as anyone could considering the circumstances, probably better than anyone else. The polls are wrong.

Michael Steele I’m glad the US Today poll contacted 1000 registered voters. In 2012 there were 235,000,000 people of voting age in the US. Glad they took the easy way and reached out to the lucky 1000.

Diane Pawlak Corneille Shhhhh! Let the Democrats continue to delude themselves. Remember how they were blindsided in 2016!. YouTuber Ray William Johnson Death- Dead-Obituary Talk is a Hoax.
Hamilton Bohannon Death - Dead :  Hamilton Bohannon Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Statler Brothers Harold Reid Death - Dead :  Harold Reid Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Judge Judy Died 2020 : Jerry Bishop Death - Dead :  Jerry Bishop Obituary, Judge Sheindlin Announces Passed Away.
Percussion Alan Abel Death - Dead :  Alan Abel Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
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Ben Young Death - Dead :  Ben Young Mesquite TX Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
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First UK Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Volunteer Elisa Granato Death - Dead :  Elisa Granato Obituary.
Pam Pamela Gluckin Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Pam Pamela Gluckin may have passed away.
Charles LoPresti Death - Dead :  Charles LoPresti Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Eric Thompson Death - Dead :  Eric Thompson Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Kelly Stewart Death - Dead :  Kelly Stewart Obituary, omaha ne
Barbara Goebel Death - Dead :  Barbara Goebel Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Taylor Moran Death - Dead :  Taylor Moran Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Chanel Nonnenmann Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Chanel Nonnenmann of Cincinnati may have passed away.
 Swim Coach Kevin Thorburn Death - Dead :  Kevin Thorburn Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
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Falling In Reverse Guitarist / Member Derek Jones Death - Dead :  Derek Jones Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown.
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Christina Lagriola Death - Dead :  Christina Lagriola Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownFormer LSU band director Frank Wickes Death - Dead :  Frank Wickes Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownYuliett Torres Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Yuliett Torres may have passed away.Noah Munck Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Noah Munck may have passed away.female bodybuilder Joanna Thomas Death - Dead :  Joanna Thomas Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown.Kelsey Hurst Death - Dead :  Kelsey Hurst Obituary, Burley IdahoGabe Henderson Death - Dead :  Gabe Henderson Obituary, Deep Run Student Killed in Lake Anna Boating Accident.Lewis Fay Coopers Death-Dead: Lewis Fay Coopers Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown.Dr Ruth Mann Death - Dead :  Dr Ruth Mann  Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownGospel recording artist Troy Sneed Death - Dead :  Troy Sneed Obituary, Cause of Death New York City (NYC) Dr. Lorna Breen Death - Dead :  Dr. Lorna Breen  Obituary, Cause of Death SuicideElisa Granato Dead or Alive : Did UK Coronavirus Vaccine Volunteer Elisa Granato Passed Away?Rustom Padilla Death - Dead :  Rustom Padilla Obituary, BB Gandanghari Cause of Death UnknownJace Prescott Death - Dead :  Jace Prescott Obituary, Cause of Death Not CoronavirusJustin J. Gabe Henderson Death - Dead : Gabe Henderson Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown - Dead :  Justin J. Wheeler Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownMatthew Swegles Death - Dead :  Matthew Swegles Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownJosh Kovner Death - Dead :  Josh Kovner Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownSteve Hardy  Death - Dead :  Steve Hardy  Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownMissing Chilliwack man David McCullum is believed to be armed and should not be approached.Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries :  Brandon Sullivan of Colorado may have passed away.Damn Daniel Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Damn Daniel may have passed awayOriana Reyes Death - Dead :  Oriana Reyes Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownMilt Sunde Death - Dead :  Milt Sunde Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownDon Reed Herring Death - Dead :  Don Reed Herring Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownPatricia Dowd Death - Dead :  Patricia Dowd Obituary, San JoseHerbert Ward Death - Dead :  Herbert Ward Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownKristofer Busching Death - Dead :  Kristofer Busching Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownAustin Schiff Death - Dead :  Austin Schiff Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownGeorge Karusky Death - Dead :  George Karusky Obituary, Archbishop Ryan High School.Captain Rodney Dodson Death - Dead :  Rodney Dodson Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownLarry Hinson Death - Dead :  Larry Hinson Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownZack Brown Death - Dead :  Zack Brown Obituary,  Westhill, syracuseKenneth McCormick Death - Obituary, Clinton Foundation Prosecutor Kenneth McCormick Found Dead.Andrew Marton Death - Dead :  Andrew Marton Obituary, PalatineTerryon Jefferson Jr. Death - Dead :   Terryon Jefferson Jr. Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownKylie Everett Death - Dead :  .... Obituary, Cause of Death UnknownDeath - Obituaries : Professor Pellom McDaniels Has Died, Cause of Death Unknown.Dr. Pellom McDaniels Death - Dead :  Dr. Pellom McDaniels Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown
Mother Willie Mae Sheard Death - Dead :  Mother Willie Mae Sheard Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Agnes Ratliff Don't believe a word of it. Everyone in their right mind knows that he had dementia fully! The dems would want Biden to win because they know that his mind is completely gone and they can lead him around on a stick!! Biden in now way; tops Trump! He is a sad case of some one to run for our President!

Carolyn Harris Just who are they polling? This is hard to believe. Biden is hardly able to tie his own shoes and Donald Trump has been doing an outstanding job.

Les Herrman Yawn. Polls can be skewed in any way the pollster wants them. Just remember what all the polls were saying in 2016. New York City (NYC) Dr. Lorna Breen Death - Dead :  Dr md. Lorna Breen  Obituary, Cause of Death Suicide who puts any real belief in these polls is doing wishful thinking.

Branden Roberts There is no way this is true. He can't even remember where he is half the time. Trump will wipe the floor with Biden.

Leonard Krupnik The only poll that matters is the one in November. Then one wonders how Biden can hold a lead among women when he’s been accused of having his fingers in the cookie jar.

Thomas Sheehan I guess I missed the call again when they ran this poll. What a surprise

Amie Zonio Fox you are becoming a joke! Do you really believe Biden have a chance against President Trump? I never got the poll you were talking about. Maybe they did their survey in Nancy pelosis district or Maxine waters?

Kelly Fitzgerald- Mahoney If this is even slightly accurate we are finished for good in this country.
We’d be lucky if he could even remember what country this is !!
He’s a total disgrace!!!
28.04.2020 07:51:18

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